Why Negus & Taylor?

Why You Should Buy From A Professional Memorialist

Your Assurance of Quality …
A memorial is the final tribute you can offer to a loved one. To ensure your puchase is a permanent symbol of your love and captures the memories and spirit you desire, it is important to select a professional memorialist carefully.

The first step in selecting a memorial is to look for the MBNA symbol – it is your assurance of quality. MBNA, or Monument Builders of North America, is an international association of memorialists whose members are primarily family-owned businesses that are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence, craftsmanship, and business ethics.

We are not only dedicated to providing a quality monument that symbolizes the memories of your loved one, we’re also committed to quality in the way we serve you and your family, and in the way we conduct our business. This ensures that we meet all of your important needs in the best possible manner.

As an established memorialist, we provide a wide selection of materials, sizes, colors and styles – all on display – to assist you with making a personal choice that will last for years to come.

Integrity …
Like the majority of MBNA members, we abide by an explicit Code of Good Practice to ensure consistent product quality and service. We are also committed to staying current on industry trends, technology and issues through continuing eduaction programs, and information provided by the MBNA. Our goal is to help you, the customer, make an educated and informed decision.

We are committed to maintaining financial stability in order to stand behind our product so that you will get fair treatment both today and in the future.

And Service …
The memorial you choose is a private decision that takes time and deliberation. When you make your purchase through an MBNA member professional memorialist, you are buying more than just a product – you are also assured of dedicated service.

We are here to listen, counsel, and help you put your feelings into a memorial. We are also knowledgable about many cemetery rules and regulations, and can help you make the choice that is right for you.

We will provide you with:

  • Financial dependability of representations and warranties.
  • Consistent standards of quality workmanship and service.
  • Detailed product descriptions, including cost, to help you make an intelligent and informed choice.
  • Clean and understandable contracts, including descriptions of the memorial’s design, lettering, dimensions, finish and other materials.