Personalizing a Monument

Creating a memory that will last forever

Personalize – “To personify, to make personal to ascribe personal qualities to” this is how Webster’s describes the term and its definition is never more apparent than when describing the “personalization” of a monument. Did the person being memorialized have a special love in their life, a hobby, a favorite poem. For that matter, if the memorial is for yourself, is there a certain thing you wished to be remembered for. Modern technology now allows the memorialist, through shape, texture, image and inscription, to create personalized, unique monuments.


Modern stonecraft technology now allows a monument to be designed in literally any shape that you can envision. Whether it be freedom, entwined hearts, or a special object, your choices in shape are limitless. Visit the Portfolio for more monuments.


One of the more popular means of personalizing a memorial is through the use of images. Today’s memorialist has numerous methods and tools at hand by which to incorporate the image you desire within the design of a monument. Images can be produced directly in the stone by chiseling, sandblasting, laser and hand etching or reproduced in ceramic and other materials. A variety of images such as landscapes, scened, floral and religious ornamentation and even portraits can be reproduced. Visit the Portfolio for more monuments.


Modern technology has also made inscriptions or epitaphs easier to add to a monument. Even signatures can be exactly reproduced. Inscriptions can be song lyrics, famous poems, or something written by the person being memorialized or for them by a loved one. A limitless variety of type styles can be incorporated within the design of the piece. Visit the Portfolio for more monuments.