Q: How long should I wait before installing a memorial for my loved one?

A: With today's modern equipment and vaults, memorials can be erected as soon as the day after the funeral.

Q: What is the difference between Northern and Southern grey granites?

A: Northern granites are much harder stones and have an absorption rate less than Southern granite.

Q: Does the color of stones affect the price?

A: Yes, different colors come from different parts of the world with different quarries. Darker stones tend to be more expensive than the grey granite stones. Today, the over seas markets have become much more competitive, allowing for better pricing memorials.

Q: Why does it cost more money to erect memorials in different cemeteries?

A: Each cemetery has its own associated fees. These fees are usually square foot setting prices on the concrete footings.

Q: What are Negus and Taylor Monument’s terms?

A: We ask for 50% upon order of your memorial, and the balance due upon completion at the cemetery.

Q: If there is a current memorial, what can I do to include another loved one?

A: The options are endless. You may list the name on the monument if there is room on either the front or back, install a foot marker, add a new memorial to the lot, install a bench, or flower urn, to name a few.